VIP Casinos in Canada

Online gambling laws in Canada are not strictly defined nowadays. While it is necessary for digital casinos located in Canada to own a license, all Canadians are legally allowed to bet on websites located abroad. VIP casinos are currently in heavy demand among Canadian bettors, so it’s time to see how they are different from regular destinations.

Best VIP Casino Sites for Canadian Gamblers

Many web casinos claim to be VIPs in order to stand out, exceed competitors, and attract clients. In reality, there are not that many top-quality casinos, as many digital gambling sites have certain drawbacks. This is why we have created a comprehensive list of the best platforms for Canadian players. Check out these links to play at the top VIP casinos in Canada.

What Are VIP Casinos?

Any online casino has some sort of VIP program for the most dedicated players who have been gambling for a long time or place higher bets. There are often accumulative systems that allow collecting points and going up the tier ladder to acquire the desired VIP status. VIP casinos online take it up a notch by offering even bigger rewards and various perks, such as private managers, VIP club membership, insane payouts, and more. It is usually necessary to be a passionate gambler to join such casinos, as players there enjoy high stakes.

How Do We Rate These Casinos?

To make it easier for you, we have gathered a selection of top gambling platforms. Now you do not have to spend ages evaluating each digital club, as we have a set of criteria to check out all the sites. Here are the features of a supreme-quality VIP casino.

Withdrawal Time and Fees

Lengthy withdrawal time is one of the key concerns at digital casinos. VIP gambling platforms should offer increased withdrawal speed without additional pending time. The best withdrawals you can find are instant and can be made through digital payment solutions. However, processing paychecks through a bank will always take some time, and it is better to find options that require a few working days to process at most.

Security and Licensing

Web security is crucial with digital casinos, as these sites collect certain private data from their users and store the clients’ deposited funds together with winnings. VIP casino accounts are a desirable target for hackers, which is why it is essential for such platforms to provide powerful Internet security. Proper licensing is also mandatory to offer legal services in different countries. While Canadians can gamble at foreign web casinos, the local sites must have legally approved certificates.

Gamblers Reviews

Customer experience is highly important and can tell a lot about the essence of each casino. Some drawbacks are difficult to see straight away, and customer ratings can be extremely helpful. We look through gamblers’ reviews and read their thoughts about each casino to see whether the experience provided there meets the claimed VIP strategy.

Customer Support and VIP Managers

Client support is an essential part of any digital casino, as players deal with big money and it is important to be able to receive any assistance as soon as possible. A high-quality casino should provide different ways of contacting the staff, such as e-mail, social media, phone line, and, most importantly, live chat. VIP gambling sites also offer dedicated managers to their visitors, and the quality of their services needs to be up to par.

Special VIP Bonuses

The best VIP casinos should offer upscale rewards and promotions for their gamblers. From match bonuses and free spins to exclusive tournaments, there should be decent offers to match the VIP status of the players. Some casinos even offer physical rewards, such as luxury items and voyages.

Top VIP Casinos Popular Payment Methods

The possibility of depositing and withdrawing cash conveniently is extremely important. VIP players should be able to cash out their winnings via reliable and fast banking solutions. Here are some of the most popular payment methods in Canada.


Digital currencies are becoming more and more popular every day, especially among users of digital services. This is why online gamblers often enjoy using cryptos, and Bitcoins specifically, as BTC is the biggest and most trustworthy cryptocurrency in the world.


One of the most popular digital payment solutions around the globe is PayPal. Top-tier destinations often feature this option to make deposits and withdrawals more accessible. However, PayPal can be used only for depositing funds at some VIP casinos online.


Skrill is a digital wallet often used at online casinos for deposits and withdrawals. It is highly praised for its convenience and instant transactions. Numerous currencies are supported, which makes it so popular in many countries.


One of the most powerful, reliable, and popular electronic wallets is Neteller. All transactions are processed within seconds there and executed securely, which makes it so useful for online gamblers.


This is a widespread prepaid card option most often used in Europe. It is one of the featured options at many VIP casinos. Such cards can be topped up conveniently at numerous retail stores.


If talking about some of the most common payment solutions in Canada, Interac Online and InstaDebit are worth mentioning. These are digital payment solutions often used for quick transactions at online gambling sites.

How to Become a High Roller at a VIP Casino

There are no particular criteria for becoming a high roller, as the requirements might differ across digital casinos. VIP sites have especially high demands for those players who want to grow into real high rollers. Here is how you can become a high-stakes gambler at a VIP casino:

  • Think as a high roller. Being a high-stakes gambler is not all about placing big bets. The real high rollers know: go big or go home. And it does not mean that you have to bet huge sums of money completely mindlessly. You need to have at least some level of expertise in gambling and be able to handle such high pressure mentally.
  • Play a lot. This might sound obvious, but big spenders gamble often. It is not about making an insanely large bet only once, but about going big consistently. Gamble regularly and make larger bets all the time.
  • Pick only the best VIP casinos online. If you want to be a VIP, do not settle for low-level digital clubs. Gambling on supreme platforms makes you eligible to claim some of the finest rewards out there. Make sure that you register at online casinos that do not even dare to offer minuscule match bonuses to their players. You should go for four-figure promotions at the very least.

As you can see, it is not enough to simply splurge your money — you should do it in a smart way. It is totally possible to become a successful high roller with the right mindset.

VIP Casinos Online Bonuses to Expect

The number of bonuses available at online casinos is incredible. Modern digital clubs provide a wide range of promotions to spice up anyone’s betting game. However, VIP gambling sites go even further. If we are talking free spins, they offer more. When it comes to welcome bonuses, they deliver insane welcoming packages. Here are some of the promotions you can expect to receive at VIP casinos online:

  • Welcoming bonus. Welcome bonuses can differ a lot, from match bonuses to free cash and gratis spins for slots to start your gambling experience. Welcome packages are only available for new players, so make sure to pick a VIP gambling site that provides a generous welcome promo.
  • Free spins. High rollers usually prefer tabletop and card games to enjoy an innovative casino experience to the fullest. However, slots are also incredibly popular at VIP casinos online. Even experienced players do not shy away from spinning expensive machines and winning insane jackpots. Hitting a jackpot is always a treat, but VIP gambling sites offer ridiculously big payouts. This is why it is always nice to grab some free rolls.
  • No-deposit promos. It is quite rare for a casino to simply give money away, but VIP platforms can afford to encourage their users with no-deposit cash bonuses, which can be used for a variety of games. They usually come with wagering conditions, so watch out for the requirements to be able to claim your reward properly.
  • Reload bonus. This is a promotion that gamblers receive for making more deposits into their account. This way, VIP casinos express their gratitude for returning players. Make regular deposits and spend this money on casino games to receive reload bonuses and play even more.
  • Bitcoin promotions. Many web casinos use cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin especially. Keeping in mind that BTC is truly expensive, VIP casinos often include this digital currency as a payment solution. Those players who deposit in BTC can also receive match bonuses in Bitcoin, which is extremely valuable. Keep an eye out for VIP crypto casinos if you are one of the blockchain users.
  • Cashable bonuses. These promos have a set of requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to cash out your prize. In case a casino grants you a 500-dollar coupon, you will need to meet a specific requirement to be able to cash out this amount. Such bonuses are a great way of earning cash instead of winning it from slot machines and other games.

These are only some of the most popular bonuses across VIP online casinos. Each gambling site has a unique set of promotions, and bonuses offered on such exclusive platforms are always very valuable.

VIP Programmes and Loyalty Schemes

While the majority of bonuses at online casinos can be earned by all players, there are unique VIP programs and loyalty schemes ready for top gamblers exclusively. Normally, it is necessary to meet certain conditions to join such programs. In addition, they often have a multi-tier structure and offer better bonuses at each level. Here are two common types of VIP programs:

  • Classic VIP club. Even VIP casinos can have exclusive promotion clubs accessible only to the best of the best. Such clubs can be accessed via an invitation from casino managers or upon fulfilling a set of conditions. For example, you might need to wager a set amount of money to enroll in a VIP club and enjoy all its perks.
  • Tiered loyalty schemes. VIP programs with various tiers usually deliver better bonuses with each level as you climb this promotional ladder. Some VIP schemes might even require meeting a certain condition each month in order to remain in your tier and avoid dropping down. However, in most cases, such programs require accumulating points, and as soon as you score enough, you can move up the tiers.

Regardless of the type of your VIP program, it might offer a wide set of promotions inaccessible to regular players. Here are some of the perks offered for the VIP program members at different casinos:

  • Casino promotions. Some of the most common incentives offered within VIP casinos’ programs are bigger versions of classic casino bonuses. VIP members might get more gratis spins, larger match and reload bonuses, etc.
  • Real prizes. Despite offering gambling services in the online format, digital casinos can actually provide real-life rewards for the most dedicated players. Such prizes can include merch, computers and TVs, or even tickets to remote getaways. Of course, VIP gambling providers can deliver some incredible gifts to their most valuable players.
  • Cashback bonuses. This is one of the most beneficial promotions out there. Being a VIP player often allows receiving a percentage of your wagered money back. This also means that you receive a certain amount of your bet in cash, which then can be either cashed out or spent on gambling, whichever you prefer.
  • Personal manager. A huge part of the exciting user experience at the best VIP casinos is associated with having a dedicated manager for your account. Regular client support is not the same, as the personal manager will fully focus on assisting your needs. Such managers help in finding the best bonus offers and managing your funds on the account.
  • Exclusive tables. High rollers will especially appreciate playing at VIP tables. Not only is this a unique experience, but it is also incredibly entertaining and rewarding. Bets and payouts are usually higher at these tables.
  • High-end tournaments and events. There is a variety of fun events available at online casinos, which can be exclusive and offer huge prizes. VIP players have the opportunity to join special events or tournaments held uniquely for them.
  • Better withdrawal conditions. All casinos have certain withdrawal limits, which can be easy to deal with if you are not a high roller. But players who go big should notice how difficult it is to cash out huge winnings. This is why VIP gamblers usually have the opportunity to withdraw larger sums without paying enormous fees or having to split the funds into smaller transactions.

Of course, each VIP casino might come up with even more advantages for their most valuable players. Carefully evaluate VIP programs to find the most beneficial solution for you.

Mobile Play for High Rollers

Mobile gambling has come a long way, and modern bettors can now fully enjoy their favorite casino experience on portable devices. Each VIP casino has its own mobile software; although these solutions can differ from each other on the technical side, some form of mobile play will be available nonetheless. Here are two ways of enjoying VIP gambling on mobile for Canadian players:

  • Optimized mobile site. It is difficult to find a digital casino that does not offer an optimized website option for their mobile users nowadays. This means that it is possible to use any portable device, such as a tablet or a smartphone, to open the webpage of any casino via a mobile browser and access all the features through a user-friendly interface designed to fit mobile screens.
  • Dedicated app. Many VIP casinos provide iOS and Android device owners with an opportunity to download an official application from the App Store or Play Market. Such portable apps are even more convenient than mobile sites. Their design is always masterfully constructed to offer the most efficient user experience.

It is also worth mentioning that mobile gambling provides access to the same features as a full website version most of the time. VIP gamblers should be able to deposit cash, place bets, enjoy live events, receive promotions, and withdraw winnings the same way they would do on a desktop platform.

Pros and Cons of Such Casinos

Playing at VIP digital casinos has its own advantages and disadvantages. While it is a highly exclusive experience, there also might be certain drawbacks. Here are some of the key pros and cons of VIP casinos for players in Canada:


  • VIP programs. VIP players have access to exclusive loyalty programs with even better rewards than those offered at regular web casinos. In addition, each tier of these programs offers more luxury incentives.
  • Top-quality support. Not only is client care exceptional at VIP digital casinos, but there are also dedicated managers. Nothing can be better than having a personal manager who devotes all their attention to making your gambling experience simply the best.
  • Exclusive rewards. VIP gamblers usually receive more valuable and even exclusive rewards. From a higher payout percentage and more favorable withdrawal conditions to unique prizes, the players can benefit from a wide range of prizes.


  • Obtaining VIP status. While the majority of VIP casinos accept any player who knows how to gamble and can spend tons of money, some platforms or VIP programs can be only accessed through an invitation. The exclusivity of each VIP membership determines how difficult it might be to get in, even though the rewards offered are worth the effort.
  • Shattered expectations. Some casinos and programs might not be as exclusive as they seem. It is necessary to be very careful and avoid false advertisements if you want to register at real VIP casinos. You can find a list of reliable options in this article.
  • Gambling addiction. It is known that various games and especially casino games can be highly addictive. Ludomania can be even considered a mental disorder if certain conditions are met. This is why responsible gambling is so important. Gaming at VIP clubs involves higher stakes, and it is every player’s responsibility to be mindful of the consequences.


Digital gambling is incredibly popular in Canada nowadays, and many players seek new experiences. In this article, you can see a list of top VIP casinos recommended for the Canadian audience. These websites deliver a supreme quality of services and guarantee an exciting gaming experience with lucrative rewards. VIP players can enjoy unique prizes, exclusive betting tables, live statistics, personalized managers support, convenient withdrawal conditions, and more. Check out the terms and conditions of obtaining rewards at VIP clubs to receive all the advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which VIP Casinos Have the Best Payouts?

In this article, you can find a list of VIP casino options with the highest payouts on the market. However, truly VIP platforms are made for high rollers by default. Players who love to go big and receive appropriately great rewards should choose VIP gambling sites instead of regular ones. 

What Are VIP Casinos?

VIP casinos are online gambling sites designed for players with extensive betting experience. Such gamblers already know what they want and like placing big bets. The stakes are higher in such web casinos, as VIP players like to gamble with big money and receive huge payouts as well.

How to Become a High Roller at a VIP Casino?

The main criteria for becoming a high roller are placing large bets and making big deposits on your account. VIP casinos naturally have higher limits for bets and deposits than regular gambling sites. You can also ask their managers or client support about the requirements for becoming a high roller.