Best Casino Bonuses In 2024

Every gambler knows that there is no better thing than a casino bonus to brighten up a day! Casino promotions offer great opportunities to get a head-start when registering in a new casino, improve the gaming experience, and of course, win some extra money.

Latest Casino Bonuses For Canadian Gamblers

Every day there are new and fascinating online casino bonuses that Canadian players can take advantage of! Online gambling platforms offer generous initial bonuses and free spins to win the hearts of new players and give them their warmest welcome. For example, Jackpot City Casino offers a jaw-dropping C$ 2,500 sign-up bonus for just a C$ 20 deposit, and 150 bonus spins in addition.

Seasonal giveaways, influencer’s affiliate links, championships — there are always freebies out there just waiting to be taken by an attentive gambler. provides a complete list of top-rated latest casino bonuses that will help you never miss out on an advantageous offer. All presented casinos are hand-picked and reviewed to guarantee their trustworthiness.

Why Do Online Casinos Offer Bonuses And Promotions

You may ask yourself, “Why do casinos allow people to gamble for free? What’s in it for them if they are losing profits?” Well, there is a reason for it — marketing. Every professional gambler (and mathematician) knows, that in the end casinos always win. Not meaning that it will eventually drain all your money, but that the probability model behind any gambling game is designed in a way that after a large number of games with many different people a dealer is always in the black. That’s how casinos make profits.

To make more profits a casino needs to attract more people and make them play longer by outplaying the competitors. This is done by providing a better interface and innovative graphics, launching advertisements, and of course with an attractive casino bonus. When a casino greets those who are visiting its website for the first time with a reward for registration, deposits, and wager there is a higher chance that they will do the said things instead of leaving for another platform. This also works when there is a need to reward loyal users, prevent hesitant ones from withdrawing all money and leaving, or incentivize placing higher bets. Smart gamblers know how to use casino marketing to their advantage and enjoy tasty bonuses.

All The Different Online Casino Bonus Types

As discussed earlier, casino bonuses are there to incentivize different actions, from registration to regular visits to the casino. As a result, there are several types of bonuses, given under different conditions and circumstances. Let’s go over the most popular types and learn how you can earn them.

No Deposit Bonuses

This is a free casino bonus that does not require a player to spend money. It is usually available straight away, or after completing a certain task. Free spins fall under this category, allowing a user to make a bet without using their own money. Also, a casino can make small bonus cash offers to players to celebrate some event, such as a birthday or anniversary of using their service. Cash bonuses can either be cashable or non-cashable. A cashable bonus can be withdrawn with your winnings, while uncashable will serve as additional money to bet and get a chance to win more.

Deposit Bonuses

Unlike the previous one, deposit bonuses are rewarded when players deposit real money. There are divided into three most common types: match, cashback, and reloads bonuses.

In the first case, the casino matches a player’s deposit by a certain percentage of the amount spent and automatically adds it to the player’s wallet. Pay attention, as not just any sum will activate this casino bonus. The required deposit amount, match percentage, and other conditions are declared in T&M which you should read and understand before spending money.

Cashbacks are bonuses given by a casino to compensate for players’ losses. They usually apply to high-risk bets or when a large sum is wagered to help gamblers recover their bankroll faster. The money or credits received can be used to gamble again and in most cases do not have wagering requirements.

Reloads are bonuses given to players who have already made deposits in the same casino in the past. They are a casino’s way to say thank you to regular customers for their loyalty and reward them for it. Those bonuses usually give players a small match on their deposit and a bunch of nice little things, like free spins.

Welcome Bonuses

These are casino bonuses that are only available to users with a new casino account. They are usually quite generous, tempting a newcomer to try out the best slots for free and make a deposit with a significant bonus. Those are usually time-limited, so don’t forget to use them in time, or you’ll have to register another account.

Welcome bonuses vary from one casino to another. Among the most popular ones are 100% and more rare 200% match on the first deposit. This means that the casino will give you the same or a double amount of your first deposit, thus doubling or even tripling it. Deposits that exceed a certain amount, however, will receive a certain fixed bonus instead.

High Roller Offers

This is a casino bonus used to pay respect and reward the 1% of users that make the highest deposits and place the biggest bets. Those top players, which are just a tiny bit of the whole community, generate the majority of the casino’s profits and make it live. No wonder they receive special treatment in return.

High rollers are eligible for the most generous bonuses on exclusive terms. Apart from that, they become VIP Club members and take advantage of many luxurious benefits. These include lower withdrawal rates, personal manager, invites to special events and promos, gifts, and improved client service.

While these are the best casino bonuses, they do require constant deposits of very tangible sums. In many cases, a sequence of deposits with evergrowing amounts is required, with the highest bonuses waiting at the very end. Think carefully if they are worth it before trying to earn them.

Game-Specific Offers

When a casino wants to attract more players to a specific game, for instance when they launch a new slot, they offer bonuses that work only for a specific game or type of game. Since the aim of this casino bonus type is to incentivize users to try playing some game and stay in it for a while, such bonuses can be very generous, including free spins, and wagering on the expanse of the casino. There is also a lower risk of hitting underwater stones when using those bonuses, as casinos want their users to have genuine fun with new games.

Device-Specific Promotions

Much like the previous one, these casino bonuses aim at driving more traffic from a certain platform, desktop or mobile. Assume a casino that only had a desktop website decided to launch a mobile app and wants to boost its downloads. So they give every user gambling from an app several lavish bonuses, that has to be claimed after a certain limited time after the app launch.

Such bonuses are a great opportunity to try a new casino media and get valuable gifts for it. Pay attention to the casino announcements so you don’t miss such opportunities.

Regular Promos

Certain casino bonuses are available on the regular basis and are rewarded for performing a certain action. One of the best examples is the Refer-A-Friend program. The majority of casinos will reward you for every user who signs up following a special link that you can generate in your account. The price you get usually increases with each friend you bring to the casino.

Reload bonuses also belong to this type, as they are rewarded for making a repeat deposit on a certain weekday. This way casino promotes regular gambling.

Loyalty And VIP Programs

Loyalty programs are used to reward users that stay with a casino for a long time and reach certain milestones throughout their gambling time. These can be keeping a streak of consecutive days of gambling, reaching a certain total amount of wagers and deposits, making a certain amount of spins, etc. The bonuses that casinos offer for such achievements vary depending on the program’s terms and can include free spins, matches, free credits, and other pleasant gifts.

As discussed before, VIP Programs are a “cream of the crop” clubs for the most dedicated players that regularly spend enormous amounts of money on bets and hold large sums on their deposits. While getting into such a club will cost an arm and a leg, there is no match for benefits given to its members. They will take advantage of lower withdrawal rates, special events, and championships, lucrative gifts, and many visual attributes to show their VIP status to other players.

Are These Promos Safe To Use?

If you stick to reputable licensed casinos, there is little to worry about. Each online casino bonus comes with detailed terms & conditions that describe what exactly you receive and under what conditions. Always read them carefully to understand if a certain bonus is worth the game, as in some cases the reward is just a fraction of what you have to pay with your hard-earned money to get it. Here are some key points to look at when reading T&C:

  • Does the casino work in your country of residence?
  • Is there a wagering requirement, how big is it?
  • Do you comply with all conditions to receive the bonus?
  • If there is a time frame, will you be able to meet it?
  • In what games is the bonus available?

Read carefully, do the math and you will easily understand if a bonus is worth taking. And remember, always read the fine print.

How To Get A Free Casino Bonus

To get an online casino bonus you have to complete three simple steps. Those are the same for the majority of the casinos out there:

  1. Register a free account. After registration, you will get a code for a free welcome bonus.
  2. Find a “redeem code” section.
  3. Enter the code and press the “redeem” button. The bonuses will then be added to your account.

There are several ways to find and enjoy free casino rewards. All you need is to know where to look and act fast, as most of them are time-limited. Here are some ways to get them:

  • Register on a new casino: fresh casinos have large promo campaigns to attract more users and offer lots of freebies as a reward. Make sure to read what other people think about them first, so you don’t become a fraud victim.
  • Follow their social media: this is a great way to track announcements of special events and giveaways and be the first one to join events with limited places and nice gifts.
  • Sign up for the newsletter: email is a marketing channel commonly used to deliver personalized promotions, so why not take advantage of it?
  • Search for the best free bonuses online: there are lots of websites that make lists of casinos with the best bonuses.
  • Take part in the Refer-A-Friend program: if your friends enjoy gambling as much as you, they will love this opportunity, as a referral program will reward them as well.
  • Bloggers and streamers: many bloggers are part of the casinos’ affiliate programs. They advertise a certain casino and share special registration links and bonus codes. When you use them they receive a commission, and you get a certain bonus.

Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions

Let’s admit it, we are all used to accepting terms and conditions without even thinking about reading them. But this time, it is not an option. Reading and understanding how online casino bonuses apply can make a difference between actually benefiting from them and throwing money down the drain. To better understand what to look at when reading through paragraphs of boring text here are some important points.

Minimum Deposit Amount

In many cases, a casino bonus will require a certain deposit to be made before it can be obtained. This can affect both the ability to receive free credits from the casino, like when your deposit is being matched, and to withdraw the money you have won betting with money that the casino gave you for free. Special events featuring a large cashback and payout ratios will also likely require you to top up your account with a certain sum before you can enter it.

Trying to obtain a bonus without knowing a minimal deposit amount can bring lots of frustration. You might end up not being able to use it or not getting it at all, and spending additional money on the second attempt.

Expiry Time

Assume you have completed all necessary steps to acquire bonus credits that the casino gave you to gamble with. You decide to bet your own money first and save those bonus credits for a rainy day. After a while, you have almost forgotten about that money, until you discover that they have magically disappeared. That is not how you want to know that certain bonuses come with an expiry date.

The goal of the casino bonus is to keep you playing, so casinos make the bonuses time-limited to guarantee that you won’t just hoard them and will actually use them. It also prevents people from accumulating large amounts of bonus money over a long time and then using them to play high-stakes games without risking their deposits.

Usually, when there is no expiry date in T&C, it means that a bonus can be kept for an indefinite time. But it will be a good idea to check the casino’s general terms and conditions to see if there is a default expiry date that applies to every bonus without a specified one.

Wagering Requirements

Often match bonuses have wagering conditions. They read like “100% on C$100 deposit with x10 wagering on the bonus”. This means that the casino will add another hundred to your C$100 deposit, but you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings until you make a total amount of bets that equals ten times the bonus. In this case, it is C$1000.

An honest wagering requirement is introduced to not allow a gambler to only bet on the bonus money and then just withdraw an initial deposit and all the winnings, leaving a casino empty-handed. Its goal is to make you play for a while, spend a bit of your own money and later collect all the promised winnings.

A crooked casino, on the other hand, can exploit it to drive a tempting bonus unusable. Imagine a situation when a casino pledges to match 500% on any deposit higher than C$300. Sounds more than generous, until you read that there is an x99 wagering on the bonus required. Assume you’ve deposited C$300 and got a bonus of C$1500, making it C$1800 total. But to be able to withdraw winnings you’ll have first to wager at least C$148 500! In a split second, a deal of the century turned into a day-time burglary. So watch out, as wagering requirements can turn the best casino bonus into a disaster.


There are some standard rules that most casino bonuses share. The wording may change here and there, but the core meaning remains the same. Here are the examples of such terms and their meaning:

  • The same bonus code can’t be redeemed again until playthrough conditions of the previous redemption are met.

Though vogue at the first glance, it says that you have to bet some total amount of money after acquiring a bonus before you can take it one more time. For example, a casino matches your C$500 deposit with another C$500 but requires a playthrough of C$20 000 before it can be done again. No matter if you have lost your initial bonus amount, only after you spend a total of C$20 000 in bets the bonus will become available to you again.

  • Only actions after taking the bonus count toward conditions fulfillment.

In layman’s terms, if you do some gambling and then decide to accept a bonus with playthrough requirements, only bets played after you take a bonus will count towards playthrough fulfillment.

  • Forfeiting the bonus will result in the removal of the bonus amount and all winnings associated with it.

This means that if at some point you decide to ask the casino to take the bonus back, they will take both the bonus amount and all the money you have won by betting it. If you have lost some of the bonus money prior to forfeiting it, the difference will be compensated with your deposit.

  • Bonus funds can not be used to play on X. Playing bonus on X will not count towards fulfilling wagering requirements. Some of the X games will contribute more towards wagering requirements than the others.

Those are pretty self-explanatory. Such rules limit the usage of online casino bonuses in some games and also encourage use in others. Make sure to study them before taking a bonus so you don’t wind up playing a game you don’t like.

Pros And Cons Of Gambling With Casino Bonuses


  • You get more money to gamble with.
  • Gambling becomes more fun and gets a purpose.
  • Use casino money instead of your own when you are still learning.
  • You can forfeit the bonus if you don’t want it anymore.


  • The bonus money has to be spent in the casino.
  • Withdrawal requirements can be dishonest.
  • A limited number of games to play with bonus money.
  • Winnings withdrawal limits.
  • Best bonuses require large deposits.


Playing with online casino free bonuses can make gambling more fun, allow you to place high bets without risking your own money, and help you stand out among the other gamblers. But make sure to not concentrate on them too much, as they are here just to spice up the process, and not give significant leverage. Hope the tips and tricks above will help you better understand what casino promotions are, how they work, and whether you need them. Gamble responsibly, always read terms and conditions, and remember, that the main goal of playing in the casino is to have a good time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Casino Bonus?

A casino bonus is an incentive in a form of free spins or on-the-house credits given to the players as a welcome gift, match for a deposit or reload, loyalty gift, and other promos.

Which Online Casinos Offer The Best Casino Bonuses?

Check the live lists of the best casino bonuses to find the most profitable deals. Look for bonuses that have terms that best suit your game preferences.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements is an amount of money you have to wager on a bonus before you can withdraw your winnings. It’s represented by a multiplier of the bonus amount.