Best Online Casinos Cashback Bonus Offers 2024

So that players could quickly and easily get out of the losing streak, the best online casinos provide them with an encouraging casino cashback bonus. Thanks to it and other diverse bounties, they will get a chance to not only return their bets but also multiply them with a cashback reward.

What Is a Cashback Bonus at Online Casino, and How It Works

The principle of cashback, both when buying goods and when playing at a casino, is to return part of the money spent to your budget. Nevertheless, just like with buying in stores, this is not a mandatory procedure. A casino cashback bonus is a stimulating bonus from the operators of gambling establishments. Thereby, they express gratitude to the visitor for turning to them and offering to come again.

What is cashback at the casino for? 

  • In most cases, it is devoted only to the lost funds. With such a bonus, the player knows that no matter how much they spend, a certain amount of funds will definitely return to them.
  • However, some gambling establishments still prefer to present cashback for a deposit, even if part of the funds from it brought a win. Such generous casinos are far from being widespread, but it is still possible to find them. In this case, the player receives a cashback for all funds deposited into the account.
  • For the most dedicated players or hard rollers, there is a special VIP cashback. It is provided if the player plays at high limits.

The entire online casino policy around the cashback bonus is built on an individual basis:

  • On one hand, every cashback bonus online casino independently determines what percentage of the deposit it returns as cashback. The spread of interest is very high. It ranges from 1% to 30%. But at the majority of online casinos, this will be an amount of about 10%.
  • On the other hand, there is no universal cashback for all casino visitors, even within the same casino. The more active the player is, which assumes the more money one can lose, the higher the return percentage will be. But there is also insurance against gambling addiction — the bonus will no longer be accrued above a certain threshold.

Cashback in the form of a bonus is offered to casino visitors regularly. However, this regularity varies depending on the cashback bonus casino:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Daily

How to Claim Casino Bonus

At a casino with a cashback bonus option, it is available to everyone in a percentage corresponding to their status on the loyalty scale. However, not everyone can get it simply because they do not follow all the rules set by online casinos. The general scheme for obtaining a casino cashback bonus is as follows.

Choose a Casino from Our List

Since cashback bonuses are not provided by all casinos, it is better to look for them on aggregator sites, such as ours:

  • In the “Bonuses” section, open the “Cashback” subsection, and you will see a list of the best online casinos that offer this bonus.
  • Compare the payout percentage, wagering, and payment conditions, choose a club that suits your preferences and requirements, and feel free to start playing.

Make a Deposit

  • To receive the bonus, you must first sign up on the cashback bonus online casino website and make your first deposit.
  • Remember that your winnings can only be withdrawn if you provide your exact and credible data during registration. Otherwise, not only will you not receive your winnings, but your account may be blocked.
  • We also advise you to immediately go through the verification procedure so that you do not have to wait long for the withdrawal of your winnings later.
  • The bonus will start accruing to you after making a deposit. Cashback will be credited either automatically as a percentage of your deposit or at the request of the player, which is carried out in the simplest way.
  • To receive cashback, your deposit must be at least the minimum amount that the promotion applies to. If your deposit is less, you should not wait for cashback.

Select a Game You Want to Play

Please note that not all casino games imply that the players can count on receiving cashback. The casino independently determines which games are available for this promotion. They change periodically. Therefore, to receive all cashback casino bonus, make sure that the game you choose is participating in the promotion. Carefully study all the details regarding the accrual of the cashback bonus. This will prevent situations when you are counting on help from the casino but will be denied this bonus simply because you did not comply with some conditions.

Some casinos use cashback bonuses to promote certain games. For example, they state that only certain live dealer games will be eligible for cashback. This is done to attract the maximum number of players to these games due to the popularity of this bonus.

Receive the Bonus

The rules for receiving a casino cashback bonus are determined by casinos themselves. The procedure can take different forms:

  • Cashback can be credited to the player automatically based on the results of the game/ day/ week/ month.
  • At some casinos, players must write a letter to the support service, indicating the number of their gaming account

Casino Cashback Bonus Terms & Conditions

The general principles of the cashback bonus are valid for all cashback bonus online casinos. However, the rules and terms of accrual are determined by every casino independently. Due to the high competition between online casinos and the limited pool of gamers, you can find very profitable options.

Wagering Requirements

The word “cashback” can be misleading for beginners as they may think they will be getting instant real money back. Of course, they will, but over time:

  • In most cases, such a bonus makes it possible to spend it on other games presented at the casino.
  • A significant difference is that wagering conditions are significantly lower. They may vary but usually cannot be more than x15 times.
  • When you wager this money, you can withdraw it to your banking account.

Be sure to pay attention to additional wagering conditions, such as:

  • time limits during which you need to wager your bonus
  • games with which you can do it

Some casinos do not require wagering for a cashback casino bonus. However, they can complicate its withdrawal in other ways. For example, a player may be required to submit a refund request each time, setting time limits within which this can be done. Another online casino may use a mixed approach:

  • The absence of a wagering requirement is provided to players who are at higher levels of the loyalty scale. 
  • For those who are just starting to play at a certain online casino, wagering is set at a fairly low level, for example, x5.

Expiry Time

At most casinos, cashback bonuses are awarded for games played on a certain day of the week and only on those bets that are made on this day. Therefore, carefully read the conditions for accruing the bonus so that your expectations are met.

Because this type of bonus is very popular, casinos often offer it on peak visitation days. The peak of the game falls on the weekend, so, most often, it is on these days that you can get it. This weekend approach has its pros and cons:

  • If you are working, you don’t need to break away from the workflow. You know that on the weekend, you can easily get your bonus and play for fun.
  • But if you are an avid player and would prefer to visit different online casinos every day of the week to receive a casino cashback bonus, this practice will not work here. You will have to choose which casino to go to on the weekend.

There are also special casinos that offer a daily cashback bonus. However, depending on the day of the week, the amount of the bonus and the games that participate in the promotion may vary. Please note that some casinos set limits on the period during which you can claim cashback. For example, if the cashback is valid on the weekend, the casino may limit the claim to Monday. If you submit it later, the cashback will not be credited.

Minimum Deposit Amount

Each bonus cashback casino independently sets the minimum threshold at which a player can qualify for cashback. For example, the following formulas may apply:

  • The amount of losses must be greater than the amount of winnings by at least N dollars.
  • The total number of deposits must exceed N dollars.


How cashback is calculated can be seen in the example of monthly cashback payments:

  • To determine how much to pay cashback, the casino subtracts the amount of winnings for this period from the total amount of bets made during the month.
  • The percentage of the balance set by the casino is equal to the amount of cashback.

At other casinos, they are not limited to the month but simply sum up all bets and subtract the amount of winnings from them. Cashback is returned for the remainder.

Cashback Casino Bonuses vs. Regular Promotions

Do I need to look for and give preference to a casino with a cashback bonus? Or are regular promotions enough for a lucky game? To answer this question, compare the advantages and disadvantages of these two offers.

Cashback Casino BonusesRegular Promotions
Availability of the casino cashback bonus for all players.Thanks to cashback, the player’s balance will always be positive.Cashback is a way to save money, which is especially important for beginners who do not fully understand all the rules of the game.This bonus demonstrates the casino’s respect for its visitors, which raises their self-esteem and forms a warm emotional connection with the club.Psychologically, the player feels more comfortable when they understand that not all lost funds will go away forever.The club gives the player the opportunity to recoup at their expense.All cashback casino bonus does not exclude the possibility of receiving other bonuses but goes in addition to them.Aims to encourage the loyalty of existing players.Conventional promotions focus on future wins, not losses, as is the case with cashback.Regular promos give new players a certain amount of funds for initial deposits, thereby increasing the first bets or even covering them totally.No need to wait a week or even a month for their accrual.No bonus casino cashback does not hierarchize players as much, providing a more equal basis for obtaining regular promotions.Encourage new players to join the game at the online casino, which means they expand the client base of the casino.Even a not very active player can count on getting them.Regular promotions are mostly credited automatically; there is no need to apply for their payment.Apply to all games, including cards and other table games, while cashback is more acceptable for slot machines.
To get a significant cashback, you need to play very actively on the online casino site.Until you lose a certain amount of your money, the bonus will not be credited to you.Sometimes, the cashback bonus online casino defines such complex additional conditions for the possibility of withdrawing this bonus that it is almost impossible to fulfill them. In this case, players may feel cheated. However, because of this, the rating of such casinos is low, and you are unlikely to find them on the list of the best casinos.In some venues, casino cashback bonus is not automatically credited. The player must request it, which reduces the number of people who receive it as some players forget about it or exceed the deadline for doing so.Higher wagering conditions.Higher risks to players who are count on receiving deposit bonuses.Focus only on the successful period of the game, ignoring the psychological state of those players who lose for a long time.There may be complex additional conditions for obtaining regular promotions, as a result of which, they serve only advertising purposes but frustrate players who try to receive them.

Benefits of Cashback Casino Bonus

It is no coincidence that the cashback casino bonus is so popular that some players simply refuse to play at a casino where it is not available. Because this type of bonus always gives the player hope of winning a jackpot. Even when the entire deposit is lost, part of the funds is returned to lead the player to the long-awaited victory.

Rewards Loyal Players

Each club has its own loyalty scale. The higher the player’s position on this scale, the higher the percentage of return one can count on. This encourages players to remain loyal to a particular club because, in the end, it turns out to be more profitable than playing in different clubs and not moving up the loyalty scale anywhere high enough.

No Wagering Requirements

Every player has a chance to receive a casino cashback bonus without wagering. However, in most cases, one needs to be an active player of the club and be high enough on the loyalty scale.

Better Returns 

Every slot machine software has its own RTP or Return to Player level. The higher this level, the more profitable it is to play such a slot. The cashback bonus automatically increases this level, making games much more profitable for the player.

Simple and Uncomplicated

Getting such a bonus is very simple and, in most cases, does not require any additional actions from the player. In most cases, it is provided to players automatically without gamer intervention. But in some cases, their consent to participate in this bonus program is required.


Among the ways to reward loyal players, the cashback casino bonus is the most popular. It does not allow the player’s account to go into the minus zone. Because even if a player has a losing streak, the casino gives them a part of the lost funds. The more active the player is, the more the club respects them, which means that the percentage of cashback for them will be higher.

These loyalty programs work very well at the best casinos that offer players a transparent and understandable cashback accrual system that encourages more active players.

However, some online casinos, which are not among the best, try to cheat and set additional conditions for players that are not always easy to comply with. And then, instead of the promised help in case of loss, the player receives a lengthy red tape in the form of correspondence with the support service, which in every possible way delays the return of funds. Therefore, not to find yourself in such a situation, play only at the best cashback bonus online casino. And then, luck will always be on your side, and you will not need any cashback!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Online Casinos Offer the Best Cashback Bonuses?

To find an online bonus cashback casino that provides this bonus on the most favorable terms, refer to the list provided on our website. Among these online casinos, paying out cashback to players quickly and fully is a matter of honor.

Are Cashback Casino Bonuses Legal?

Cashback bonuses are absolutely legal, so most gaming sites are happy to offer them to their visitors. But pay attention to the fact that the casino offering them has a license. Otherwise, it violates the law, and then, the legality of the proposed bonuses is questioned.

How Do I Claim a Cashback Bonus at an Online Casino?

In most cases, the casino cashback bonus is credited automatically. However, some casinos ask you to confirm your desire to participate in this promotion before playing. Others ask you to send support requests regularly. But even the last option, which seems tedious, is actually very simple.